Does it cost to attend?

No, that's the best part! It's completely FREE to attend!

What size can a team be?

Teams can be up to 5 people. If you want to hack alone, that is totally fine. If you are still looking for a team, don't worry, we will have team building and pitching sessions at the event. You can apply at any time and join any team at any time. The team question in the application is only to make sure the entire team makes it to the event.

Will there be travel reimbursements available?

Yes. We are offering 30€ for the first 100 people coming from Finland. 50€ for people coming from outside of Finland, within Europe and 100€ for the first 50 people coming from outside of Europe. We will inform more about the reimbursements during saturday.

What about accommodation?

We will have free hotel rooms for participants coming from out of town.

There are only two beds in our room. What should I do?

Every hotel room has four beds. There is one double bed and two single beds. The two single beds are inside two (often red) stools that together resemble a sofa. Alternatively the beds can be drawn out of the wall or some closet that is located besides the wall.

What can I hack on?

We'll have Oculus Rifts, Apple Watches, 3d printers, Microsoft Bands, Estimote Beacons to name a few.

How can I form my team

If you don’t yet have a team we will also help with matching people up at the beginning of the event. You can also look for a team on on our Facebook page for example.

Who can participate?

Anyone is allowed to participate! We want to allow anyone with an idea and some skills to implement it to come.

What hardware will be available at Junction?

We are bringing a bunch of hardware available at the event to use in your hacks. Check back later for a more specific list.

Will food be served at the event?

Food will be catered with enough food to keep everyone hacking well into the night, thanks to our amazing partners. In our registration form, please state any dietary restrictions so we can take them into account when making orders.

When are applications due?

We are accepting applications until the 15th of October.

Who owns the intellectual property of hacks produced at the event?

All intellectual property produced at the event is owned solely by the participants and their team.