Schedule 2015


19:00Opening CeremonyHall
19:30FoodFood Area
19:40Track Introduction: HealthMain Stage
19:45Track Introduction: The Future of CommerceMain Stage
19:50Track Introduction: Improving CitiesMain Stage
19:55Track Introduction: AeroMain Stage
20:00Track Introduction: The Future of Digital PaymentsMain Stage
20:05Track Introduction: FutulabsMain Stage
20:10Track Introduction: UnlimitedMain Stage
20:20Open Partner Mic and Prize PresentationMain Stage
20:25OP Lounge IntroductionMain Stage
21:10Intro to the Uber APIMain Stage
21:30An App in 15 Minutes - ShopifyMain Stage
21:303d printing workshopWorkshop
22:00Connecting dots with Bluemix - from idea to applicationMain Stage
22:30The Spice Must FlowMain Stage
23:00Lightning DemosMain Stage
23:30Build the Future of Energy - EnoroWorkshop
00:00Integration with the Cozify HubMain Stage
00:30Hacking on SoluMain Stage
00:45Criffin: Think like a painter - game development philisophyMain Stage
01:15Realtime analytics for WEBRTC by Callstats.ioMain Stage


9:00BreakfastFood Area
10:00Yoga sessionMain Stage
10:25Criffin Lightning DemoMain Stage
10:30UpCloud Lightning DemoMain Stage
10:50Bloomberg Lightning DemoMain Stage
11:00UploadCare Ligthning DemoMain Stage
11:10Hacking on a SoluMain Stage
11:30Introducing The Garage – flying sharks with fricking photons (you know, using IOT, cloud and sensors)Main Stage
12:00Introduction to my.basenWorkshop
12:00Making buying (and the world!) simpler with data scienceMain Stage
12:30Derivatives trading algorithms and the Bloomberg TerminalMain Stage
13:30Ballistocardiography: a perfect, albeit unlikely, bed mate. The resurrection of an old technology for new digital health sleep applicationsMain Stage
14:00FoodFood Area
14:00Lessons Learnt While Building a Bank ReplacementMain Stage
14:30Building a healthier and safer societyMain Stage
15:00Cool and crap apps v.2.0Main Stage
15:30Mastering Shopify AppsMain Stage
16:00Making JavaScript less fragile with TypeScript and FlowMain Stage
17:20Criffin: Possibilities and Dangers of Virtual RealityMain Stage
18:00Code in the DarkTent
18:20Cloud Native Applications - Pivotal talkMain Stage
18:00FoodFood Area
1:00Midnight SnackFood Area


9:00BreakfastFood Area
14:30Submission deadlineEverywhere
15:00Demo Expo and JudgingHall
17:30Closing CeremonyTent
19:00Partner stand presentations endTent